Teams often find coming up with the story extremely difficult. This struggle can bring the team’s progress to a dead stop. In situations like these, SCC can work with teams to develop the storyline quickly and efficiently. Working with the team, SCC quickly absorbs the essence of the story and sketches a structure for the communication. This process, called storyline development or facilitation, helps crystallize the team’s thinking and allows the team to move forward. Depending on the complexity of the story and the number of people involved, storyline facilitation can be done on site or occasionally by phone.

A variety of situations call for storyline facilitation. Here are just a few examples where
SCC has had impact:

- An individual trying to get an initiative funded in a business review process
- A team pulling together recommendations on a new project
- A team proposing a new line of business
- A President trying to articulate the corporate strategy for the board
- An individual trying to explain a new, very complex process to management
- An individual trying to get buy-in to an expansion plan
- A individual developing a template for standard departmental reports
- A CEO developing a white paper on the banking industry
- A research organization utilizing an in-depth investigation into a publication for sale
- An individual writing a journal article on industry best practices

"We had pulled together a competitive analysis and our strategic direction to present to our board. After two days with Linda, our logic was much clearer, and we had thought through any holes in our position! By writing out the whole story, we made sure that we had a common understanding of our position, and could move forward together"

- Kris Manos, Senior VP, Marketing and Market Development, Herman Miller, renowned furniture manufacturer

“We had been floundering for weeks, and Linda walked in and in half a day we got a really tight story to tell to management. It was great”

- Transportation Giant

“I was amazed how quickly we got to a story that really captured what I was trying to say”

- Management Consultant

“I had such a complex IT explanation and Linda helped me figure out how to tell that in
a simple way that management could understand”

- Personal Communication Device Manufacturer

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