Team Building

SCC addresses perception problems by understanding the differences in usual behavior, interests, needs, and stress behaviors of the group. To increase understanding and awareness, The Birkman Method® (*see details below) offers the richest of all assessment tools that profile personal differences. SCC uses The Birkman Method® together with targeted troubleshooting approaches to improve teamwork. Here are just few examples:

  • Diagnosing teamwork problems through various assessment tools to pinpoint process and/or perception problems.

  • Addressing process problems through training in problem structuring and persuading through logic followed by 10-12 week interventions wherein a skilled facilitator helps the group resolve bottlenecks.

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* SCC uses The Birkman Method® as the basis for in-depth team building. Birkman is specifically intended as a productivity methodology in business organizations. It is not a "personality inventory." It focuses on the similarities and differences between people and how these – properly managed – can make for more effective teams and organizations. For example, The Life Style Grid® Report opens the door to understanding the individual and how s/he relates to others. It draws an accurate picture of individual interests, usual behavioral style, motivational needs, and stress behavior. With this information, both the individual and the coach can work together to create an action path that leads to personal satisfaction and satisfies the organization's evolving needs.

While The Birkman Method® serves many purposes, SCC uses it to help organizations coach for excellence and mentor individuals to make productive changes. By shaping successful individual careers, The Birkman Method® serves both the individual and the organization.

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