People who have achieved successful careers often reach a black hole where the progression stops. More often than not, their roadblock is not talent, but weak communication skills. For some it is formal presentation skills, for others interpersonal skills. Some executives are simply unaware of their own behavioral miscues, while others do not practice skills that enable them to correctly interpret other’s signals. Through executive coaching that increases awareness of and provides remedies for communication challenges, executives can more easily take that next step in their careers.

SCC’s process incorporates the key success factors of behavioral change toward achieving greater leadership presence:
1 Develop personal brand statement and vision statement

Define the clients vision for the next career phase
Articulate the existing personal brand demonstrated by current behaviors
Developed desired brand statement
Assess behavioral gaps in moving toward desired brand

2 Agree to specific behaviors that are desirable to change

Assess and diagnose issues using instruments (e.g., 360) and  interviews
Refine brand statement and behavioral gaps from phase 1
Gain client buy-in to one to two key behaviors to change

3 Design the change program

Solicit and engage appropriate stakeholders in the process
(e.g., boss, peers, direct reports, friends, family)

- Confirm the appropriateness of the behaviors identified from the
assessments and coaching conversations
- Gain agreement to participate in the change process and determine level
of involvement

Define actions and milestones

- Determine the plan for coaching intervention based on client’s preferred
style of accountability (frequency, type of contact)
- Define specific  stakeholder involvement  with client
- Clarify the role of coach in communicating with stakeholders

4 Implement the plan

Build self awareness
Experiment with new behaviors
Gather input from stakeholders and coach

5 Measure results

Interview the stakeholders regarding progress at the mid-point
Conduct formal assessment at the end of the engagemen

Representative coaching assignments


- Numerous high potentials across industries - Upward management communication

- VP Financial services

- Interpersonal communication presence
- Partner in Consulting Firm - Client communication strategy and
communication deliverables

- Sr Partner in Real Estate Development - Development of organizational systems to
improve communication in department

- Entrepreneur - Improving product clarity and ensuring

- Sr VP in Financial Services - Articulating department vision

- Senior Sales/Marketing Executive in

- Strategies for crisper sales communications
- President of Furniture Manufacturer - Articulating the vision and strategy
"The executive coaching that Linda gave me on communication and presentation style,
combined with the opportunity to practice these skills had a direct impact on improving my performance in this area. I have received many compliments on my presentation style from
our senior leadership."

- Director, Medical Devices Company

"Linda over-delivers value. She has been big factor in the success of our company which depends on effective board-level communications. In addition, she has a talent for facilitating decision making regarding complex business problems which include strategy, organization and value creation issues."
- Partner, Chemical Advisory Partners

"Tremendous insights gained. I came away with a greater understanding of the root cause of my roadblocks. This was a key breakthrough for me"
- Management Consultant

“The individual coaching session was excellent”
- Kurt Salmon and Associates

“I really got a lot out of the follow-up coaching session. It enabled me to review the material in the context of my own work”
- Boutique Consulting Firm

“The one-on–one was very personal and helpful”
- Discover Business Services

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