Financial Services
- Two Intl. diversified financial service providers
- Large retail bank
- Leading personal insurance company
- Large multi-line insurance company

- Major pharmaceutical/biotech companies
- Start-ups in both clinical practice and biotech

- Established computer/software manufacturers
- Software start-up
- Renowned furniture manufacturer
- Automotive parts supply company
- Personal communication device manufacturer

Telecom Giant
- Multinational management consulting firms
- Multinational e-commerce consulting firms
- Boutique consulting firms
- Financial and litigation consulting firms

- Major domestic airline

Nonprofit organizations
- Child advocacy foundation
- Global humanitarian funding organization

Consumer Goods
- International sports manufacturer/retailer
- Large personal clothing retailer
- Major online retailer
- Privately-held food service provider

About the primary instructor- Linda Long

"Linda made a switch to accommodate the team needs and made it very productive"

- Computer Manufacturer

"Linda is a very effective teacher. I appreciate her flexibility"

- Global Healthcare Company

"Linda was excellent. I enjoyed working with her"

- Kurt Salmon and Associates

"Great stuff. Linda knows what she’s talking about"

- Management Consulting Firm

Learning techniques

"Liked the way we alternated activities and used real-life examples of our work"

- Consulting Firm

"Good mix of lecture and hands-on exercise— really well organized"

- Motorola

"Getting up and moving into groups kept the pace moving"

- Discover Business Services

"Tremendous use of time"

- Major Online Retailer

"Use of our documents as discussion materials was great – made it much more impactful"

- Kurt Salmon and Associates

"It was great, exercises were effective in teaching the concepts"

- Delta Corporate Strategic Planning

"The interactive format helped engage the group"

- Consumer Goods Consulting Firm

"Particularly like the practical application"

- Major Packaging Manufacturer


"The class was an excellent way to formalize all of the learnings we have been hearing about from seasoned consultants. I will definitely use all of these frameworks!! Excellent class!"

- International IT Consulting Firm

"Helped give me a process for thinking more logically"

- Global Software Manufacturer

"Great course – It’s a very powerful way to improve"

- Boutique Consulting Firm