The process and tools in this book capture the essence of some of the training programs offered by Strategic Communication Consulting. Here are what companies have said about the process and tools:

“Great stuff. Linda knows what she’s talking about”
Management consulting firm

“Helped give me a process for thinking more logically”
Global software manufacturer

“It has applications for all kinds of communications.
I would recommend it to others”

Global healthcare company

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On almost a daily basis, we experience the need to solve problems effectively and efficiently - in both our professional and personal lives. On a personal level, we might simply need to figure out what type of car to purchase or what movie to see. The problems we solve in our professional lives, however, are often more complex and varied:
  • An operations manager must figure out how to improve profitability
    by capturing revenue from the high volume of returned product.
  • A salesperson must help customers understand that their total cost
    is more than just price and that indirect costs contribute significantly
    to total cost.
  • A corporate strategy director must identify and recommend new
    business opportunities.
  • A researcher must assess the company's level of customer
    satisfaction, explore new product opportunities, or assess the
All of these situations require us to undertake the process of problem solving. This book provides a process and tools for using logic to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both problem-solving efforts and the communication of the solution.

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