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This book shows how superior communication skills lead to presence. In so doing, the book covers the following:

Chapter 1: Understanding the definition of presence and how it relates to communication serves as the basis for the rest of the book.

Chapter 2: The first step to improving your presence is building the foundations of conviction and confidence that are the sine qua non of excellent communicators.

Chapters 3-6: All communication events require a common set of skills:  nonverbal communication, verbal communication, active listening, and audience analysis.

Chapters 7-9: Improving your execution at key communication events – presenting, coaching, and facilitating – requires understanding recommended behaviors specific to these events.

Chapter 10: Creating change starts with a vision and personal brand statement and requires conscious communication to deliver them.

By reading this book, following the recommendations, and practicing the exercises described herein, you can begin to develop a set of skills that can help propel you forward both in your career and in your personal life. The fundamentals in this book serve as a basis for much of SCC's executive coaching in leadership presence.

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